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Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Visualize your resume in one click

Special thanks to  Lauren Wathen, a university of Maryland dietetic intern, for this post. is a free, online formatting program that takes traditional text resumes from boring and lengthy, to fun and visually appealing.

What can it do?
Social media is a popular way to connect and interact, so why not use it as a valuable resource for say, finding a job? This application can help transform your LinkedIn account or personal resume into an infographic. Your experience and education can be charted on a graph, making your qualifications easily visible. It also displays your interests, special skills, languages spoken, and honors and awards. Employers want to see initiative and innovation – this unique tool could help set you apart.

How does it work?
The first step is to create an account and there are two options for this: you can connect using your Linkedin Profile and it will transfer all of the information from your account into the program. If you do not have a Linkedin account or choose not to use it, you can create a username and password and manually add your resume information.

Once you’ve created an account, you can change the theme, style, and edit your data. You can highlight your skills, interests, and even stats such as years of experience. Once it’s saved, you are able to share it on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or e-mail. You can also embed an icon onto your website.© also has a “Dashboard” feature that can give statistics on “Total Profile Views”, “Average Daily Views”, and can chart this information.

The Pros and Cons
The field of nutrition and dietetics is becoming more and more competitive. This unique tool will set you apart from other candidates and showcase your initiative and creativity. It could be highly beneficial in the social media arena; however, in a more professional setting it may not be appropriate. Since everything is laid out visually, it makes it much easier for potential employers to see what exactly you have to offer as a candidate. It could also be a great marketing tool for potential clients since they can quickly see what interests and experience you have. With the MyStats tool you could even highlight some of your accomplishments, such as number of clients and patients seen, weight loss program successes, advanced education, etc.

Since the average hiring manager spends only 6.25 seconds looking at a candidate’s resume, a graphic will make the most of that time. The great advantage of an infographic resume is that your experience, interests, and skills are displayed easily, potentially minimizing the amount of time spent in the hiring process since recruiters can quickly determine if you meet the qualifications. On the other hand, it can also help to eliminate candidates more quickly. For example, if the position is looking for someone with at least five years of experience, and it’s easy to see you only have 2-3 years, they can immediately eliminate yours. 

Using this type of format to showcase your skills and qualifications can be advantageous. It can make the time spent looking at your resume more meaningful and quickly draws attention to what you have to offer as a candidate. is simple to use and can give a fresh, new look to traditional resumes. Make yourself stand out.


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